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Umschalten in deutsche Sprache
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Welcome to StudIS/Examinations



Exam management using ZEuS

The last date to register for an exam in StudIS is Wednesday, 27 November 2019.
From 9 December 2019 on, you will register for exams in ZEuS.


The Service Subscribe2StudIS will be switched off on Thursday, 28 November 2019.

Advice regarding login
Please enter your first part of your University email address as your user name, usually "firstname.surname".

Please enter your corresponding email password.

When you have questions to your University email address or to the corresponding password, please click here.

When you got specific login data for StudIS previously, these data will still keep their validity.

In order to register for examinations you need an additional TAN list. You can get this list here.


Please consider the following note:  This service is unavailable between 00:00 and 1:00am.
Getting, using, transfering of personal data

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and want that you feel safe and secure when visiting StudIS/Examinations.

You can visit StudIS/Examinations without giving us personal data from you.

At the time, the information in StudIS/Examinations will not be evaluated. However, a future evaluation only for statistical purposes is not excluded. Such a statistical evaluation would not include any personal data. A tracing of individual users will not take place.

Personal data will only be registered and used, when you use the services of StudIS/Examinations at the Konstanz University, e.g. the online registration for examinations. All data, that are accumulated during a service process of StudIS/Examinations, will only be registered in accordance with the applicable statuory bases for the protection of personal data. And as far as this is necassary for the purpose of the statutory tasks of the Konstanz University.

The registered personal data are currently only used for the examination administration and for information requests from the users. An using for other purposes or a transfer to third persons does not happen.

Reservation of use

Please note that in line with § 31 para. 3 sentence 2 Landesverwaltungsverfahrengesetz LVwVfG (state law on administrative procedures), the published examination registration periods may end on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. This does not release you from registering for and/or withdrawing from your examinations in time, which must happen no later than this day, regardless of it being a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

How to make a binding registration for examination records is regulated in the examination statutes. We apologise all students to register yourself online with StudIS/Examinations for the study-related examination records. Alternatively, you can also be registered at the office of your department by a written letter and an appearance in person.

Because of legal reasons we suggest you additionally: The Konstanz University assumes no liability for possible damages or consequences which are based on a direct or indirect using of the offered contents.

The available overviews of your examination records have only an informative character: There is no possibility to get a legal right.

Safety instructions
Please keep your TAN-list always seperate from your password!
Please note our following advices, especially if you are working on a public computer, e.g. at the campus or in an Internet cafe:Please note our following advices, especially if you are working on a public computer, e.g. at the campus or in an Internet cafe:

  • Do not save your login data onto your internet browser, if the browser offers you such a functionality (e.g. ‹autocomplete›, ‹password-manager›, ‹wallet›, ‹wand›, etc.);
  • Always logout from StudIS/Examinations (‹logout›);
  • Delete the cache of your internet browser;
  • You can get some help for deleting the cache inside the help menu of your internet browser under the keywords ‹buffer memory› and ‹cache›;
  • Close resp. shut down all windows of your internet browser.